• The Center welcomes new graduate student members: Yuval Valter, Boaz Buri, Doaa Saad and Tal Romm.


  • Congratulations to A/Prof. Igor Verner, Dr. Alex Polishuk and Sergey Gamer for presentation of their studies at the prestigious conference RO-MAN 2016 held in New York at the Columbia University.


  • Congratulations for the successful joint research seminar of our Center and the China National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning.


  • Congratulations for the successful completion of the summer project "Learning with Learning Robots" with participation of A/Prof. Igor Verner and Dr. Dan Cuperman (Technion), Dr. Michael Reitman (PTC), Amy Fang (MIT), Tal Romm and Galya Balikin (Technion and PTC).


  • Congratulations for the successful completion of the annual program "Learning with Learning Robots" for Reali School students, conducted by the Center with participation of Dr. Dan Cuperman and Technion students, with support of PTC. Congratulations for the school students on their successful presentations at the concluding event.


Center for Robotics and Digital Technology Education

The CRDTE center conducts research focusing on technological learning environments, experiential learning, modeling and analogy, educational robotics, human-robot interaction, museum education, learning mathematics with applications and in cultural context. Team members are science, technology, and mathematics teachers, as well as professional engineers, who meet the challenge of research, development and implementation of innovative learning processes for K12 and university students. The team actively participates in national and international STEM education programs. Research collaborations have been developed with academic institutions, schools, science museums, Israeli Ministry of Education, and hi-tech industry. The research team takes part in the development of technology and engineering education activities offered at the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space (MadaTech). The team develops learning environments and processes that are in line with the technology and science education benchmarks and are suitable for wide use.

Ministry of Education

Long lasting partnership in technology education and teacher training for mechanical engineering track.

PTC Israel

Collaborative initiatives in technology education and teacher training

intel Israel

Support of courses and graduate studies in design education and making

Technion International

Lectures, workshops and seminars for international groups of students and teachers.

MadaTech museum

Joint projects and the collaborative course Teaching Methods in Science Museums

The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa

Teaching students of the engineering systems program and teacher training.

Bosmat Technological High School , Haifa

Teaching students of the mechanical engineering program and teacher training.

Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Participation in the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest and its organization

Tufts University

Collaboration with the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach in the organization of conferences and student exchange.

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